Best Swimsuits for Sagging Breasts

Best Swimsuits for Sagging Breasts

We’ve been there and had the experience, so we know that shopping for swimsuits can be a daunting task - and when you factor in looking for options that accommodate sagging breasts. However, with the right knowledge and guidance, you can find swimsuits that offer support, comfort, and style. As it happens, we’ve tried and tested our swimwear and have been perfecting our swimming costumes for years, so we thought it would be useful to put together some pointers on what to consider when shopping for swimsuits for sagging breasts to help you get the supportive swimsuit that you dream of.

Best Swimsuits for Sagging Breasts

Supportive Construction

When looking for swimsuits for saggy breasts look for ones with supportive construction features such as in-built shelf bras, and underwire or moulded cups. These elements help lift and support sagging breasts, providing shape and stability. Underwire provides additional support along the bottom of the breasts, while moulded cups offer shaping and contouring. Some women find that underwired swimsuits can be restrictive and uncomfortable, so the best option would be a swimsuit with an in-built shelf bra, like our Cassie Longer Length Racer Back Swimsuit which gives extra support across the bust.

Best Swimsuits for Sagging Breasts

Adjustable Straps

When browsing for ladies' swimsuits for saggy breasts opt for styles with adjustable straps. Adjustable straps allow you to customise the fit according to your body shape and provide extra support where you need it most. Look for swimsuits with wide straps for added comfort and stability, especially if you have larger breasts. Our Iris Longer Length Swimsuits are ideal for those who are looking for wider, comfort straps which can be fully adjusted for maximum lift and support.

best swimsuit for saggy breasts

High Necklines

One piece swimsuits for saggy breasts with high necklines can be flattering for as they provide coverage and support. High-neck styles help minimise the appearance of sagging by offering more coverage and creating a lifted look. Our superb Sleek Zip Back Swimsuit in Sangria not only provides extra coverage in the form of a high neck swimsuit, it also looks pretty fabulous on!

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Ruching and Draping

Look for swimsuits with ruching or draping details around the bust area. These design elements can help camouflage sagging and create a more flattering silhouette. Ruching gathers fabric in a way that disguises imperfections, while draping adds texture and visual interest. Our Lucille Longer Length Swimsuit in Black and Leopard is a perfect example of a swimsuit that provides a flattering look for anyone with sagging breasts. Couple the design with the supportive elements across the bust – the underbust seam, foam cups, side panel construction and adjustable straps and you’ve got one the best swimsuits for sagging breasts which looks so chic!

Best Swimsuits for Sagging Breasts

Supportive Fabrics

Choose swimsuits made from supportive fabrics that offer stretch and structure. Fabrics like nylon, spandex, and lycra provide compression and support, helping to lift and shape sagging breasts. Look for swimsuits with double-lined or reinforced fabric for added durability and support. Our swimwear is made from Econyl, which is a recycled, but yet supportive, eco-friendly swimwear fabric and Xtra Life Lycra (elastane). So you can be sure that your swimwear will not only be supportive but also durable as well.

Supportive Tankini Tops

If you prefer tankinis, look for styles with supportive tops that offer coverage and lift. Choose tankini tops with in-built support, adjustable straps, and thicker bands for added support. Avoid styles with flimsy tops or thin straps, as they may not provide enough support for sagging breasts.

Avoid Plunging Necklines

Steer clear of swimsuits with plunging necklines that may accentuate sagging breasts. Instead, opt for styles with higher necklines or modest V-necks that provide coverage and support without sacrificing style.

When shopping for the best bathing suits for saggy breasts you should try on a couple of different styles and sizes to find the perfect swimsuit for your body. It’s easy when you order with us. UK delivery is fast and free when you spend over £30 and returns are also free and hassle free. When you are trying on your swimwear pay attention to how the swimsuit feels and looks on you.

What Causes Sagging Breasts?

Breast sagging, medically known as ptosis, is a natural part of the ageing process for many women. Several factors contribute to the loss of breast firmness and elasticity over time.


One of the primary reasons for breast sagging is the natural ageing process. As women age, the skin loses its elasticity due to a decrease in collagen and elastin production. This leads to a gradual loss of firmness and support in the breasts, causing them to sag.


Gravity plays a significant role in breast sagging. Over time, the effects of gravity pull the breast tissue downward, especially in women with larger breasts or those who have experienced significant weight fluctuations. Gravity constantly exerts a downward force on the breast tissue, contributing to the stretching of the skin and ligaments that support the breasts.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause changes in breast size, shape, and elasticity. During pregnancy, the breasts enlarge in preparation for breastfeeding, which can stretch the skin and ligaments. Additionally, the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding can further contribute to breast sagging by affecting the supportive structures of the breasts. After pregnancy, you are best to look at your options for the best postpartum swimsuits and choose a style which will support your new shape.

Weight Fluctuations

Significant fluctuations in weight, whether from weight gain or weight loss, can impact the appearance of the breasts. Rapid weight gain can stretch the skin and ligaments, leading to sagging, while sudden weight loss can result in a loss of breast volume and elasticity.


Genetics play a role in determining breast size, shape, and firmness. Some women may be genetically predisposed to have naturally firmer breasts, while others may inherit factors that contribute to sagging, such as less supportive breast tissue or weaker ligaments.

Best Swimsuits for Sagging Breasts

Poor Posture

Poor posture can contribute to breast sagging over time. Slouching or hunching forward can put undue stress on the ligaments and connective tissues that support the breasts, leading to stretching and sagging. Maintaining good posture, with the shoulders back and the chest lifted, can help prevent excessive strain on the breasts.

Lack of Supportive Bras

Wearing bras that do not provide adequate support can contribute to breast sagging over time. A supportive bra helps distribute the weight of the breasts evenly and provides lift and contouring. Without proper support, the breasts may experience increased strain and sagging, especially during high-impact activities.

While breast sagging is a natural and inevitable part of the ageing process for many women, certain lifestyle factors and habits can influence the extent of sagging. Practicing healthy habits can help minimise the effects.

Sagging breasts shouldn’t be a barrier to enjoying a dip in the pool. We have so many styles of swimsuits which provide support for your chest, that you should feel stylish, empowered and most importantly enjoy your time in the water. We hope this post has been helpful in your search for the best swimsuit for saggy breasts - you can also ask us if you need any further advice or guidance.

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