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Eco Friendly Swimwear & Sustainable Swimwear

Eco Friendly Swimwear & Sustainable Swimwear

The fashion industry is no stranger to controversy when it comes to its environmental impact. With fast fashion contributing to the depletion of natural resources, increasing carbon emissions, and generating a staggering amount of waste, it's high time we look for more sustainable alternatives. One area where sustainable practices are making a change is in the world of swimwear. Eco friendly swimwear options are widely available and offer a guilt-free, stylish alternative which will leave you feeling and looking great.

Eco Friendly Swimwear & Sustainable Swimwear

Carbon Footprint and the Fashion Industry

Before we get into the specifics of eco-friendly swimwear, let's take a moment to understand the problem. The fashion industry, which we are part of, has a substantial carbon footprint, accounting for a significant share of global carbon emissions. The production and transportation of synthetic fabrics, like nylon which is used in many swimsuits, contribute to this carbon footprint. This makes it essential for us as swimwear manufacturers and you as the wearer to seek alternatives that reduce our environmental impact.

Sustainable Materials for Swimwear

Our eco-friendly swimwear is trying to mitigate the harm done by the fashion industry by using sustainable materials. Our eco friendly swimwear is made from a fabric called Econyl which is made from waste plastics.

Econyl Recycled Fabric

Econyl is a regenerated nylon fabric that is produced by reclaiming and repurposing waste materials, such as discarded fishing nets and waste plastics. This innovative process not only helps clean up our oceans by removing harmful ghost fishing nets but also reduces the demand for the creation of new synthetic materials. Let's take a closer look at the production process and environmental impact of Econyl.

The Econyl Production Process

Collection of Ocean Waste

Econyl swimwear fabric starts its journey by collecting ocean waste, primarily abandoned fishing nets, which pose a severe threat to marine life. These nets are often discarded or lost at sea, continuing to trap and harm marine creatures even after they are no longer in use.

Eco Friendly Swimwear

Recycling Process

The collected waste is then cleaned and processed into a raw material suitable for making eco-friendly materials. This material is indistinguishable from normal nylon in terms of quality and performance but has a significantly lower environmental impact.


The recycled nylon is then transformed through a process called depolymerisation, which breaks it down into its original building blocks. These building blocks are used to create new nylon yarn, which can be woven into fabric for various applications, including swimwear.

Sustainable Fabric Creation

The regenerated nylon yarn is woven into Econyl swim fabric, which is versatile and can be used to create a wide variety of swimwear styles, from legsuits to longer length swimwear, to tummy control swimwear and plus size swimwear.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Econyl recycled fabric significantly reduces the demand for new synthetic fibres, conserving natural resources and diverting plastic and nylon waste from landfills and oceans. It also requires fewer raw materials and energy to produce, when compared to traditional nylon.

Eco-Friendly Swimwear Recommendations

Now that we've covered the basics of Econyl recycled fabric let's explore some exciting sustainable swimsuits which have been handpicked for our customers.

Cassie Longer Length Racer Back Swimsuit in Storm

Eco Friendly Swimwear

Our Cassie Longer Length Racer Back Swimsuit in Storm offers a timeless design using our Econyl recycled fabric. This swimsuit is a great option for taller swimmers or those who have body shapes incorporating a longer torso as Cassie is two inches longer when measuring the body loop. This eco-friendly swimming costume has a stylish racer back which offers bust support and a medium leg cut. It’s ideal for regular swimmers as it is chlorine resistant, meaning it will last twice as long as a standard swimsuit when used regularly in a chlorinated pool.

Nancy Longer Length Swimsuit in Savannah

Eco Friendly Swimsuits

Our Nancy longer-length swimsuits continue to be one of our most popular one-piece swimsuits. Not just because they are one of our recyclable materials swimsuits made from Econyl sustainable fabrics, but because this style of bathing suit offers much more support and coverage for those who have a body type that needs support up top. This Savannah design is one of our newest prints and our customers love it. Our Nancy swimsuits give you the swimmer a a comfortable and flattering fit in a longer length style, whilst also offering light, all-over control which slims your silhouette. Perfect for beach, pool or even water sports. Again this swimsuit is chlorine-resistant so is ideal for frequent swimmers.

Iris Longer Length Swimsuit in Grey Ombre

Eco Friendly Swimming Costume

Our Iris Longer Length Swimsuits stand out with their bold print and clean lines across the torso. These eye-catching swimsuits are not just visually appealing but also environmentally conscious as they are made from Econyl recycled swimwear fabric. This design is particularly favoured by those who are feeling a bit body-conscious when at the pool or on the beach as the design on the front slims and supports your tummy. This swimsuit includes light control fabric in the areas you may need it the most, plus also offers bust support. This design, grey ombre, is one of our newest, but we have our Iris Swimsuits in several other attractive colours. One for each day you swim perhaps?

These are just three of our most popular eco-friendly swimsuits, we have a variety of styles that we’d love for you to come and take a look at. We offer free UK delivery when spending over £40. If you are returning any items and live in the UK, our returns are also free - and hassle free. There is nothing to lose by shopping with us and you will be doing your bit to support sustainable swimwear and fashion. 

The Impact of Eco-Friendly Swimwear

By opting for eco-friendly swimwear made from Econyl recycled fabric, you're taking a significant step towards reducing the fashion industry's environmental impact. Here are some key ways in which eco-friendly swimwear helps mitigate this impact:

Reducing Synthetic Fabrics

Traditional swimwear is often made from synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester, which are derived from petroleum-based sources. These materials contribute to the depletion of fossil fuels and emit harmful greenhouse gases during production. In contrast, the Econyl recycled fabric used in our swimwear uses waste materials, reducing the need for new synthetic fibres.

Minimizing Ocean Waste

Econyl's focus on repurposing ocean waste, such as discarded fishing nets, helps clean up our oceans and prevents marine life from getting entangled in these nets. This effort contributes to preserving ocean ecosystems and biodiversity. If you are an outdoor swimmer, you’ll understand even more how important it is to look after our waterways and oceans.

Conserving Natural Resources

The use of recycled materials in eco-friendly swimwear like our range here at Halocline conserves natural resources. It reduces the extraction of raw materials required for the production of new synthetic fabrics, helping to protect vital resources like oil.

Lower Carbon Emissions

The production process for Econyl recycled fabric consumes less energy and produces fewer carbon emissions compared to traditional nylon production. This results in a reduced carbon footprint for our eco-friendly swimwear.

Dive Responsibly into Eco-Friendly Swimwear

The good news is that as consumers, we hold the power to drive change in the fashion industry. By choosing ethical swimwear brands with affordable sustainable swimwear made from materials like Econyl recycled fabric and supporting sustainable brands, we can reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet. A new swimsuit can be good for the environment and as an added bonus, you'll look fantastic wearing it.

So, next time you're refreshing your swimwear drawer or looking for the perfect beach attire, consider our swim collections here at Halocline. We have a wide variety of stylish and eco-friendly options available. Come with us and dive into the world of sustainable bathing suits with our Econyl swimwear line and make a statement for the environment with each purchase. Our customer reviews speak for themselves. Take a moment to read through some of our lovely customer reviews about our swimwear and us as a company. We pride ourselves on our high-quality swimsuits which we have designed in-house using feedback from our customers. We also offer excellent customer service. We doubt you’ll regret buying such well-made, eco-friendly and stylish swimwear from a friendly UK company.