Swimwear Care

How to care for your Halocline swimwear

We use the highest quality Italian swimwear fabric in our swimsuits. Here we share some tips on how to ensure your swimwear lasts as long as possible.

Chlorine, present in most swimming pools, is corrosive especially to elastane which is what makes your swimsuit stretchy and comfortable. Exposure to chlorine will eventually lead to any fabric deteriorating but you can help slow this process. Heated pools and spas often use more chemicals which can reduce the longevity of your swimsuit. 

With all our swimwear, follow these guidelines: 


 Rinse thoroughly, especially around the seams and allow to soak in fresh water after use

 Dry naturally away from direct sunlight

 If your suit has a clip, wash in a laundry bag to avoid the clip covering being
worn away on the washing machine drum

 Follow the washing instructions on the label in your suit

 Hand or machine wash at 30 degrees or cooler with a mild detergent



  Don't roll up your costume in the towel after use - this can cause bacteria and allows the chlorine to soak in

 Don't wash with fabric conditioner

     Don't tumble dry

      Don't use an iron on your swimsuit

      Don't use bleach 


    There is always a compromise to be made, the most chlorine resilient fabrics are polyester based, however that is not a particularly stretchy or comfortable fabric (we use it in our Abstract range). Most of our suits are made with comfort and chlorine resistance as a balance. These are made from Econyl which helps reduce plastic waste.