Best Swimsuit For Aqua Aerobics

Best Swimsuit For Aqua Aerobics

Aqua aerobics, also known as water aerobics, is a fantastic way to stay fit and have fun while doing so. Whether you're a seasoned aqua aerobics enthusiast or just starting, the right swimsuit can make a world of difference in your workout. That’s why we’ve put together some tips on what to look for when shopping around for water aerobics swimsuits and also some recommendations to help you choose the best swimsuit for aqua aerobics. 

Best Swimsuit For Aqua Aerobics

Aqua aerobics is a low-impact exercise that takes place in a pool. The water provides resistance, making it an excellent choice for people of all fitness levels, including those with joint issues or injuries. To get the most out of your aqua aerobics sessions, you'll want a swimsuit that is comfortable, durable and provides support in the areas you want it most. Here's what to look for in a swimsuit for aqua aerobics classes -

Chlorine-Resistant Material

Chlorine is commonly used to keep pool water clean but can be harsh on swimwear. To ensure your swimsuit lasts, opt for one made from chlorine-resistant materials. These fabrics are more durable and will retain their colour and shape over time. 

Supportive Design 

Look for swimsuits with built-in bust support or padding, especially if you're a woman. A swimsuit with a shelf bra can help you feel more comfortable and confident during your aqua aerobics sessions.

More Coverage

Aqua aerobics often involves various movements, including leg lifts and stretches. To avoid any wardrobe malfunctions, choose a swimsuit with more coverage. This means avoiding skimpy bikinis or low-cut options. Save these for your beach holiday. You could also consider a swimming costume with shorts.

Freedom of Movement

Aqua aerobics requires a range of motion. Look for swimsuits with stretchy, flexible materials that allow you to move freely without feeling restricted.


You'll be in and out of the water, so a quick-drying swimsuit can be a huge advantage. This feature can help you stay comfortable and avoid getting chilly after your workout. It also helps if you go to the pool regularly, as your swimsuit can dry quickly after washing, ready for your next session.

Now that you know what to look for, let's explore some of the best swimsuits for aqua aerobics:

Swimsuits For Aqua Aerobics - Recommendations

We at Halcoline have been designing and making high-quality swimwear for years. We offer a great range of swimwear designed for comfort, style, and durability. Here are some of the best swimsuits that are ideal for a session of aqua aerobics. 

Abstract Kneesuit - Celestial

Best Swimsuit For Aqua Aerobics

This stunning kneesuit is one of our full coverage suits and is available in an extended plus size range. Meaning that women of all sizes can enjoy an aqua class without worrying about ill-fitting swimwear. The Abstract Kneesuit in Celestial is available in sizes up to a UK size 24.

If you’ve ever taken an aqua aerobics class you’ll know that a well-fitting, good coverage costume is a must. This kneesuit not only offers built-in legs, but it also has a shelf bra into the bust lining and light all-over tummy control. Three features you’ll be glad of during your aqua class. This swimsuit is also chlorine-proof, meaning it will last twice as long as standard swimwear fabric when used in a chlorinated pool.

Cassandra Longer Length Racer Back Legsuit - Animal Attraction Teal

Best Swimsuit For Aqua Aerobics

If you think you think you’d prefer a legsuit swimsuit, why not take a look at our Cassandra Longer Length Racer Back Legsuit in Animal Attraction Teal – it’s so on-trend and stylish, whilst also being sporty. It’s perfect for looking your best during your class. This swimsuit has a sporty racer back, which offers extra support and comfort. This swimming costume is one of our many longer length swimsuits, perfect for those who are taller or who have a longer body.

This swimsuit has bust support in the form of a shelf bra and a bust lining which will give you a lift and that extra boost of confidence in and out of the pool. So if you are looking for a little bit of extra coverage, combined with a swimsuit that will stay put, then this swimsuit should be added to your swim or gym bag.

Sleek Zip Back Swimsuit – Sangria

Best Swimsuit For Aqua Aerobics

Our Sleek Zip Back Swimsuit in Sangria is ideal for more active swimmers or those partaking in an aqua class due to the swimsuit’s high neck design. It offers a bit more coverage and support up top whilst still keeping you looking on-trend and stylish. 

This gorgeous swimsuit has been made out of our environmentally-friendly Econyl textile yarn. Econyl is made from waste plastics which could have otherwise been disposed of in the ocean. Our eco-friendly swimwear textile yarn is quick-drying so it’s perfect for those who want to use it daily for their water activities. It’s also chlorine-proof, so is ideal for those who want their swimsuit to maintain its shape and colour for longer in a chlorinated pool. If you'd like a different colour or patter, we have a whole range of high neck swimsuits.

Iris Longer Length Swimsuit - Blue Ombre

Swimwear For Aqua Aerobics

Our gorgeous Iris Longer Length Swimsuit in Blue Ombre is a fabulous choice as an aqua swimsuit as it’s so stylish and comfortable. This swimming costume has a low leg cut and a mid-U back. Features that will help with the ‘stay-put-ness’ during the more active parts of your class. You can shorten or lengthen the wide adjustable straps to give you the bust support you need.

This swimsuit also looks pretty amazing on. The blue ombre swish across the front has been designed to be flattering for the wearer, when you team this with the tummy control fabric, you can feel and look your best during your class. I bet at least one or two people will come over and ask where you got your swimsuit. This swimsuit is also chlorine-resistant.

Choosing the right swimsuit for aqua aerobics is essential for a comfortable and fun workout. Look for swimsuits made from chlorine-resistant materials, with supportive elements, more coverage, and with a high level of comfort. These can also be suitable for swim conditioning workouts. Investing in a high-quality swimsuit for aqua aerobics will not only enhance your performance but also ensure your swimwear lasts through many enjoyable sessions in the pool. So you can head into your class with confidence and style by selecting the perfect swimsuit for your aqua aerobics workouts.

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