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What Is A Shelf Bra in A Swimsuit?

What Is A Shelf Bra in A Swimsuit?

When you are shopping around for swimwear as a woman, there are so many different styles that you can choose from. Whether you favour a one-piece swimsuit offering a bit more coverage, a teeny weeny bikini or simply something in between, there is sure to be a swimsuit that will suit your body shape and personal style. In recent years, more and more swimwear designers have started to incorporate shelf bras into their swimming costumes. But what is a shelf bra and why should you choose a swimsuit with one in it?

What Is A Shelf Bra in A Swimsuit?

What Is A Shelf Bra in A Swimsuit?

A shelf bra, when incorporated into a swimsuit provides the wearer some additional bust support. This style of chest support is both discreet and comfortable for the swimmer and so has become more popular, particularly with those who need built-in bras and support for active water classes like aqua-fit or watersports like paddleboarding. They are also becoming more popular with ladies with larger busts as they are perfect for in-built structural support, but don't be fooled, those with smaller breasts can wear women's swimsuits with platform shelf bras as well.

A shelf bra is a type of built-in bra that is integrated into the fabric of a swimsuit, specifically designed to provide support to the bust area. Unlike traditional bras that rely on underwires or padding, shelf bras are typically made from a double layer of fabric that stretches across the bust. This elasticated band sits just below the breasts, creating a shelf-like structure that lifts and supports the bust without the need for additional underwear. This offers the wearer a perfect fit using the extra layer of fabric.

What Are The Benefits of A Shelf Bra?

Built-in shelf bras are ideal for swimwear as they make the need for additional bras or bikini tops redundant – it’s all there ready to support your chest. A built-in shelf bra is a much more comfortable way of wearing some form of support whilst swimming as the elastic band of the shelf bra lifts and supports the bust. It will also minimise any movement during more active swims or swim classes, which makes it a great option.

Swimsuits with a shelf bra will not only help support the bust, but it will help shape and lift it. This will create a smoother silhouette with a slight lift in the bust area. This is often a big plus point for those needing an extra boost of body confidence.

Those who wear restrictive swim bras (or even normal bras) whilst swimming or doing watersports often comment that this can be uncomfortable or restrictive. A shelf bra can help to give the wearer more freedom of movement and will ultimately be more comfortable without underwiring or clasps to contend with. A bathing suit with an inbuilt bra and adjustable straps can be pretty liberating to wear, unlike underwire bras under a swimsuit.

When shopping for swimwear with inbuilt shelf bras, it’s a good idea to look at the size guide to see what size you should be buying for your body. The good news is, the better the fit, the more comfortable your swimwear will be and the more confident you will be wearing it.

Swimwear with Shelf Bras

Here are our top picks of our swimwear with shelf bras –

Cassie Longer Length Racer Back Swimsuit – Storm

What Is A Shelf Bra in A Swimsuit?

This Cassie Longer Length Racer Back Swimsuit is ideal for those who need a bit of extra support in their swimwear. This style features a shelf bra and racer-style back which will help to give lift and support during every swim. This is also one of our longer length styles, so is ideal for those who are tall or have a longer torso. This swimsuit is great for popping in those beach bags as it also offers sun protection against harmful uv rays whilst also being resistant against sun creams and body oils.

Molly Longer Length Legsuit - Midnight Sea

What Is A Shelf Bra in A Swimsuit?

Popular with sea swimmers and those who take part in watersports, this Molly Longer Length Legsuit offers extra coverage with boyleg style in-built legs. The key feature of this supportive swimsuit is the shelf bra. Perfect for those requiring extra bust support. It’s also ideal for those who swim regularly in a pool as this swimsuit, like many of our styles, is chlorine-resistant, meaning it will last twice as long as standard swimsuit fabric.

Jane Longer Length Swimsuit – Black

What Is A Shelf Bra in A Swimsuit?

Our Jane Longer Length Scoopback Swimsuit not only offers a shelf bra, but this style also features padded bra cups. This will give you a sleek silhouette which shows off the curves of your body, whilst also providing you with the support system you are looking for in your swimwear. This style of swimsuit is a great choice as it's made from the revolutionary recycled Econyl® textile yarn, which is made from waste plastics. So you can feel good whilst looking good in your swimwear.

So we hope this post has answered the question about what is a shelf bra. If you are yet to try a swimsuit with a shelf bra, we invite you to take a look at our range and pick one for yourself. The comfort and support in these one-piece swimsuits is astonishing and you’ll be pleased with the look and feel of your swimwear. We are always happy to answer any questions you have about shelf bras or any other features in our swimwear – just drop us a line. We are proud of our customer service and we'd love to help you with your swimwear queries, so you can find the best fitting swimsuits for your shape and needs.