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Swimming Costume with Shorts

Swimming Costume with Shorts

When it comes to a day spent on the beach or heading for a few laps in the pool, the age-old debate of what to wear rears its head. Swimsuit or swim shorts? One of the most versatile and stylish options available comes from combining a swimming costume with shorts. This combo has so many practical benefits, whilst also giving you that bit of extra body confidence and style that comes from wearing a swimsuit with shorts. Let’s look into this a little further.

Swimming Costume with Shorts

Swimming Costume with Shorts


Swimming costumes, often referred to as one-piece swimsuits or bathing suits, are known for their sleek and stylish designs. They provide the right material and coverage needed for swimming, while swim shorts add an element of versatility. Combining these two elements gives you the best of both worlds. With various shorts styles, such as board shorts or sports shorts, you can choose the length and fit that suits your style and needs. 

Shorts are available in many designs, allowing you to mix and match these with your swimming costume. This creates a stylish look that's perfect for the beach or poolside lounging. The combination of the two is ideal for lots of different body shapes and sizes, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable.

Sun Protection

Protecting yourself from the sun is an important thing to think about when you are on holiday or swimming outside. The combination of a swimming costume and shorts offers more coverage than just a traditional swimsuit. The shorts provide extra protection for your lower body, guarding against harmful UV rays. Our ladies' swim shorts offer UV 50+ protection, whilst also being sun cream and oil-resistant. A pair of swim shorts will help to prevent sunburn on your upper thighs - an area often forgotten when applying sun cream.

Coverage and Confidence

A swimming costume alone might not give you the level of coverage and comfort that you want.  Swimsuits can feel a bit revealing and clingy which can lead to some people feeling a bit self-conscious. By popping on shorts over your swimsuit, you can tailor your swimwear to your liking.

Shorts offer an extra layer of comfort, especially if you're not entirely comfortable showing off your legs when wearing a swimming costume. They can help alleviate any concerns around body image and the additional coverage can give you the confidence to enjoy the water without feeling overly exposed.

Whether you're walking along the beach or lounging by the pool, the shorts provide a sense of security that can make your time by the water more enjoyable. We have lots of options for swim shorts which can be worn over a swimsuit or on their own. We also have legsuit swimsuits, which have shorts built into the swimming costume. These are fantastic as the shorts will stay put – they are attached to the swimsuit.

Swim shorts can be particularly useful when you are looking for a swimsuit for a waterpark or thinking of doing watersports like paddleboarding or surfing as these will give you a bit more coverage across the bottom half and will be less likely to cause you an embarrassing exposure or wardrobe malfunction.


One of the biggest advantages of pairing a swimming costume with shorts is that you don’t only have to wear this combo in the water. Pop a casual top or a kaftan over and your look can easily transition into a casual outfit for a walk along the promenade or when you want to grab a bite to eat at a beachside café. They are handy to have in your beach or swim bag.

You can effortlessly go from swimming to strolling along the shore, all without the need for an outfit change. With the addition of a stylish cover-up, you’ll be ready for a bite to eat or a drink without returning to your hotel or home for a change of clothes. The combination of swimming costume and shorts simplifies your day, allowing you to make the most of your time in and out of the water.

Chafing and Skin Irritation

Chafing can be an issue when it comes to swimwear, especially for those who enjoy longer periods in the water. The friction between your skin and a swimming costume can lead to irritation. Shorts provide an extra barrier against this problem, as they are designed to minimize chafing.

Additionally, the fabric used for swim shorts is often lightweight and quick-drying, making them ideal for water-based activities. This combination ensures that you can enjoy the water for extended periods without the discomfort of wet fabric against your skin.

Our Top Picks of Swim Shorts

Cassandra Longer Length Racer Back Legsuit in Animal Attraction Teal

Swimming Costume with Shorts

This is one of our legsuits swimsuits where the legs are in-built into the swimming costume. Our customers love the teal animal print design on this Cassandra Longer Length Racer Back Legsuit and that’s not the only thing they love.

The sporty racer-back teamed with the built-in shelf bra is perfect for supporting your bust whilst you swim or take part in watersports.

This swimsuit is one of our styles which is longer in length. It’s perfect for those who are taller or who require a longer-bodied swimsuit. It’s 2 inches longer than a standard swimsuit, so it gives you an extra level of fit and comfort. You can take a look at our suggestions for the best women's swimsuits for a long torso.

This swimsuit is made from our recycled Econyl® textile yarn, so forms part of our eco friendly swimwear range.

This swimsuit is available in UK sizes 8 – 24.  

Women’s Sport Swim Shorts in Navy

Swimming Costume with Shorts

If you are looking for just swim shorts then take a closer look at our Women's Sport Swim Shorts in Navy. You’ll love the standard boyleg cut and elasticated waist. When you pop these on, they will give you the extra coverage and comfort you’ve been looking for.

These swim shorts are made from our chlorine-proof fabric, which is ideal for use in a chlorinated pool as they will last twice as long as shorts made from standard swimwear fabric. You’ll also find these are quick-drying, so are great for when you want to transition from the water to dry land with minimal hassle.

Our swim shorts look fantastic over one of our swimsuits, so why not have a look at our blue swimsuit which will pair perfectly with navy shorts? Alternatively, you could wear these with one of our tankinis. If you are going away on holiday, why not take both options? These swim shorts offer UV 50+ protection whilst also being sun cream and oil-resistant.

These shorts are available in UK sizes 8 – 16.

Molly Longer Length Legsuit in Midnight Sea

Swimming Costume with Shorts

There are so many features to our lovely Molly Longer Length Legsuit which make it suitable for wearing in the pool, wild swimming or when you are enjoying a day on the beach. It’s a truly versatile swimming costume with shorts - where the legs are in-built.

If you are taking an active swim class like aqua aerobics, you’ll find that this swimsuit gives great support thanks to its shelf bra, bust lining and back design. Everything will stay where it should and you’ll feel fabulous wearing it. For those who visit the pool regularly, this swimsuit is ideal as it’s chlorine-proof. This means it will last twice as long as a standard swimsuit when used regularly in a chlorinated pool.

We have to give a nod to the midnight sea pattern on this legsuit. It’s so eye-catching, refreshing and an absolute joy to wear.

This bathing suit is also great for beach days as it offers UV 50+ protection – perfect for covering up the tops of legs from harmful rays and offering a tad more sun protection. If you like the look of our Molly legsuit, why not take a look at our modest swimsuits and full coverage swimwear for women.

Women’s Sport Swim Shorts Longer Leg in Black

Swim Shorts

For those looking for a pair of swim shorts that aren’t built into their swimsuit, these Women's Sport Swim Shorts in black could be just the ticket. These are longer length swim shorts which come to around the mid-thigh. 

Like our standard-length shorts, these are made from our chlorine-proof material and are quick-drying. They offer UV 50+ protection whilst also being sun cream and oil-resistant. That makes them a smart purchase as they can be used in the pool, on the beach and anywhere else that you want. They can easily transition a swimming costume into an outfit with more coverage for a drink in a beach bar and with the addition of a kaftan, you can go from the pool to the poolside restaurant in a flash. These are a truly versatile choice to pop in your pool or beach bag.

Thanks to their elasticated waist, they are super comfortable to wear and you’ll feel that hit of extra coverage and confidence as soon as you pop them on. Team with your swimsuit or tankini top on different days, depending on your style preference that day.

Choosing to wear a swimming costume with shorts offers lots of style and functionality features. From the added sun protection to the versatility and confidence it provides, this combination is a fantastic choice for your next beach or poolside visit.

In an age where fashion meets practicality, the swimming costume with shorts combo offers a flexible, confidence-boosting and convenient choice for swimmers and beach-goers. Don’t forget when you shop with us, delivery is free when spending over £40 and returns are free when you live in the UK. We also offer delivery to those outside of the UK, take a look at where can deliver to.