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What Is A Tankini

What Is A Tankini

When it comes to swimwear, the tankini is a versatile and popular choice for many women. Combining the comfort and modesty of a tank top with the functionality of a bikini, tankinis have carved out their own delightful niche in the swimwear market. Swimmers and beachgoers love them, so we thought we’d put together a post sharing our expertise on the tankini meaning and share some top tips on what to look for when you are buying your tankini. We hope this helps answer the question, what is a tankini and also we’d love to show you some of our fantastic new tankini swimsuits.

What is a Tankini?

A tankini is a type of women’s swimwear that consists of two pieces: a tank-style top and a bikini bottom. The name "tankini" is derived from the combination of "tank top" and "bikini." The concept was first introduced in the late 1990s by designer Anne Cole, and it’s easy to see why it quickly gained popularity due to its blend of modesty and style.

Tankini Styles

Tankinis come in a variety of styles to suit women’s differing body types but let us run you through some of the most common styles in a bid to uncover what are tankinis and whether will they suit you.

Classic Tankini

This features a standard tank top with medium to full coverage and traditional bikini bottoms.

Halter Tankini

A tankini with a halter neck, offering more support for the bust and a stylish look.

Bandeau Tankini

A strapless option, perfect for avoiding tan lines, often with a built-in shelf bra for support.

Blouson Tankini

Features a loose-fitting top that can help camouflage the midsection, ideal for those looking for a more relaxed fit.

Underwire Tankini

Includes built-in underwire for additional bust support, suitable for women with larger busts.

Advantages of Wearing a Tankini

Tankinis offer several benefits, making them a popular choice among women of all ages. 

Tankinis provide the flexibility of a two-piece with the coverage of a one-piece swimsuit. You can mix and match tops and bottoms to create different looks.

For those who prefer more coverage than a bikini, a tankini is an excellent option. It covers the midsection while still being stylish and comfortable.

For those doing watersports or more active sports in the pool, a tankini can be an excellent choice as you are much less likely to suffer from a wardrobe malfunction. No one wants to expose themselves during a trip on the banana boat on holiday.

Tankini tops often fit like a camisole or tank top, offering a more comfortable and less restrictive feel compared to one-piece swimsuits.

They are easier to put on and take off than one-piece swimsuits, especially when wet, making bathroom breaks less of a hassle.

With various styles and cuts, tankinis can be chosen to highlight or downplay certain areas, catering to different body shapes and personal preferences.

Buying Tips for Tankinis

When shopping for a tankini, we suggest you consider the following tips to ensure you find the perfect fit and style to suit you and your body type.

Know Your Measurements

Accurate measurements of your bust, waist, and hips are crucial in finding the right size. Different brands might have slight variations in their sizing.

Consider the Support

If you have a larger bust, look for tankinis with underwire or built-in shelf bras for extra support. Adjustable straps can also help in achieving a better fit.

Fabric and Quality

Look for high-quality, durable materials that offer good stretch and resistance to chlorine and saltwater. Fabrics like our Econyl textile fabric are durable, comfortable to wear and also are made from recycled waste plastics, so they are great for the environment.

Try Different Styles

Don’t hesitate to try several styles to see what flatters your body shape the most. We offer free delivery and free returns for our UK shoppers spending over £40, so you can try a couple of tankini on, risk and hassle-free.

Mix and Match

One of the great advantages of tankinis is the ability to mix and match tops and bottoms. Choose complementary colours and patterns to create your unique look. Now you know what's a tankini let’s look at some of our most popular designs.

Racerback Tankini Top - Blue Glass Print


What are tankinis


Our women's chlorine-resistant Halocline Racerback Tankini Top is perfect for a sporty look at the pool, featuring a vibrant blue glass design that brightens up any aqua aerobics class or swimming session. Designed for active swimmers, it includes a shelf bra for support and a racerback style that offers excellent freedom of movement around the shoulders, ensuring you won't feel restricted during your workout. This superb tankini is also longer in length, providing extra coverage, and the fabric is entirely chlorine-resistant, making it ideal for regular use. Our gorgeous tankini offers holidaymakers UV 50+ protection whilst also being resistant to sun cream and oil. Match it with a pair of our swim shorts to complete your look.

Sport Tankini Top - Navy and Blue

Whats a tankini

Our Navy and Blue chlorine-resistant Halocline Sport Tankini Top offers a sporty aesthetic and superior functionality for swimmers. It features a floating crop top with a shelf bra, providing enhanced support which is ideal for aqua aerobics and other active water sports – hello surfing, waterskiing and paddleboarding! The racerback design ensures fantastic freedom of movement around the shoulders, preventing any restriction during workouts. Additionally, the longer length of the tankini provides extra coverage, making it a comfortable and modest choice for various swimming activities. Ladies can choose to pair it with the matching Halocline Panel Shorts.

Sport Tankini Top - Night Tropics


What Is A Tankini


Our brand new women's Halocline Sport Tankini Top is guaranteed to give you a fresh look at the pool. You’ll love the floating crop top with a built-in shelf bra. This will give you extra support and comfort when taking part in more active water sports or aqua classes. If you like the design of this tankini, you can pair it with the matching shorts for a cohesive look. If this tankini and shorts are to be worn on holiday, you’ll find they offer UV 50+ protection whilst also being resistant to oil and sun cream. You can enjoy this tankini top in the pool and on the beach – it’s a truly versatile piece of swimwear.

Caring for Your Tankini

Proper care can extend the life of your tankini. So always rinse your tankini with fresh water after swimming in chlorinated pools or saltwater. When washing, use a gentle detergent and hand wash your tankini to maintain its elasticity and colour. Once washed, avoid wringing your tankini out and it's best to let it air dry flat. Don’t leave it in direct sunlight to dry as this may cause it to fade.

What Is A Tankini
A tankini is a smart choice for women seeking a balance between the coverage of a one-piece and the convenience of a two-piece swimsuit. With our great range on offer, there's a tankini for everybody. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or enjoying a day at the beach, one of our tankinis offers versatility, comfort, and style, making it a must-have in your swimwear collection. Now you know what is a tankini swimsuit – plus where to buy one!