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The Best Swimsuits For Women Over 50

The Best Swimsuits For Women Over 50

The good news is, just because you are over 50, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear exactly what you want on the beach or by the pool. But you may have different styling tastes to the swimwear you wore in your teens and twenties. Ultimately, you should wear the swimwear you feel most comfortable in – as confidence is the best thing to wear alongside your swimsuit of choice. But if you are over 50 and are looking for something extra from your swimwear, then we have lots of lovely swimsuits for you to browse through. Our fantastic swimming costumes have been designed by us, to accommodate all shapes and sizes. They’ve been tried and tested, refined and reworked, based on our customer feedback. We use high-quality, eco-friendly swimwear fabric which is designed to flatter and enhance your figure. Our customer reviews speak volumes about our swimsuits, our service and the ease of buying from us. So we’d love for to you join our ever-expanding customer base and find out why our customers love Halocline swimwear.

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The Best Swimsuits For Women Over 50

In this post, we are specifically going to be looking at the best bathing suits for women over 50 years old. From talking to our more experienced swimmers, we’ve found that some of our swimwear features top the charts for ladies over 50 more often than not. Making shopping with us their number one choice for their one-piece suits, towel robes, goggles and any other swimwear accessories they need.

Tall Women Over 50

We have so many styles for taller, older women, or those who have a long torso. Many of our customers have commented that they have worn uncomfortable, ill-fitting swimsuits for years until they discovered Halocline swimwear and our longer-length range. You can have a look at our complete tall swimwear collection, but we’d like to highlight a couple of our favourites.

Iris Longer Length Swimsuit in Pink Ombre

Swimwear for women over 50

This has consistently been one of our best sellers with so many five-star rated reviews and it’s easy to see why. The design is fresh and modern, without being too flashy - we adore the bright colours. This classic slimming one-piece swimsuit offers light control fabric and light bust support, which our over-50s have said is a must-have for their swimwear. It’s perfect for regular swimmers too as it is made from chlorine-resistant material. Our swimwear fabric will last twice as long as standard swimwear.

Our older customers have also raved about the longer-length fit of this Iris Swimsuit. Not only does it fit longer torsos nicely, but you can also use the adjustable straps to achieve a perfect fit. 

This swimsuit is also inclusive in sizing. We have this swimsuit in many different sizes. Starting in a UK size 8 right up to a size 24, perfect for everyone who wants to take a dip. 

Molly Longer Length Legsuit in Midnight Sea

Swimsuits for women over 50

This Molly Longer Length Legsuit in Midnight Sea is one of our newest styles. Our more mature swimmers asked us to create a legsuit in a longer length style. Legsuits are perfect for those who want full coverage from their swimwear. This legsuit not only offers taller swimmers a more comfortable fit, but it has a whole host of other amazing features too. It’s perfect for active classes like aquafit and sea swimming, where the wearer wants more protection and less exposure to the elements.  

Like so many of our Halocline swimsuits, this swimsuit is made from recycled Econyl® textile yarn. This yarn is made from waste plastics which may have otherwise been discarded in the ocean. So when you buy a Halocline swimsuit made from Econyl®, you are helping to reduce the amount of waste that is being discarded in our waterways around the world.

The other thing to take note of with this superb swimsuit is the lovely, eye-catching design. We have a Nancy swimsuit with this beautiful design and also another newer style, Jane which has this all-over midnight sea print. Our over-fifties really enjoy wearing this vibrant print.

Flattering Styles

Many of our customers who are over 50 say that they want their swimwear to flatter, enhance and support them whilst they are swimming. One-piece swimsuits shouldn’t just look great, but they should make them feel great whilst they are wearing them. Many of our swimsuits have qualities which do just that, so we’ve picked out some of our most flattering swimsuits for you to look through.

Lucille Longer Length Swimsuit in Evergreen Blooms 

Swimming Costumes for over 50s

Our Lucille swimsuits have been one of our best-sellers on our website since we first launched and it’s easy to see why. There is ruching across the body which gives the wearer a slimmer silhouette and hides any perceived imperfections. The lightly padded cups give extra support to the bust area – perfect for those who have larger chests. The front of this swimsuit is fully lined, which not only feels great but helps to look even more wonderful on the body - ideal for anyone who has an apple body type.

The Evergreen Blooms design is an elegant choice. Very beautiful to look at, without being too ostentatious. You could easily buy this swimsuit for lapping in the pool and be comfortable that it is stylish enough to also wear when lazing by the pool on holiday. It’s a perfect swimsuit.

Women's Sleek Longer Length Zip Back Swimsuit in Animal Print Teal

Swimwear for women over 50

If you are looking for a slimming, flattering swimsuit, then our top pick is our Sleek Longer Length Zip Back Swimsuit. The high neckline on this distinctive style swimming costume is not only really chic, it offers good coverage and it’s also very flattering - making it a great swimsuit.

It's perfect choice for wearing in the pool as it’s made from our chlorine-proof swimwear fabric which will give it double the lifespan of standard swimwear. You’ll notice that it’s a high neck design, which will stay in place during more vigorous swim sessions, whilst allowing additional freedom of movement around the shoulder area. 

That being said, this animal print one-piece swimsuit is also highly recommended as a holiday swimsuit as it offers UV 50+ protection whilst also being sun cream and oil resistant. This style is also available in a black solid colour

Our ladies over 50 love our animal print swimsuits and this is no exception. 

Bust Support

We have several styles which offer bust support to those who have fuller busts. 

Nancy Longer Length Swimsuit in Savannah

Swimwear for ladies over 50

Our Nancy swimsuits are perfect for those who need a bit more support from their swimwear. The Nancy neckline offers extra coverage in the bust region to larger-chested ladies. This style of swimsuit has support on the bust area, whilst also being lined. Perfect for when you just need the right swimsuit with a bit more oomph up top. 

Not only will the extra bust support go down a treat with the mature swimmer, but we’ve also had some amazing comments, from real women, about the fashionable Savannah print on this Nancy Longer Length swimsuit.

Stella Longer Length Clipback Swimsuit - Navy /Jade

Swimsuits for the over 50s

Another of our best suits which offers big chests more additional support is our Stella Longer Length Clipback Swimsuit. We’ve found that this clipback style gives a supportive fit across the bust area. It’s also one of our most flattering pieces, as it has all over control fabric – a good choice for anyone needing a confidence boost from their swimwear.

We have a whole range of supportive swimsuit styles for larger busts, so head over to this collection to take a look and browse for supportive swimsuits - perfect for those who have a top-heavy body shape and want to ensure they have enough support. 

Tummy Control

Our over 50s have told us that tummy control swimwear is very appealing. With torsos not being as toned as they were pre-children, an element of tummy control in the right places is a great idea. We have many swimsuits which offer light tummy control across this area. We’ve found that light tummy control is the perfect balance between offering a little more support and slimming in this area, without the swimsuit being restrictive and uncomfortable to wear.

Our Iris swimsuits come in different colours and the style of these tummy control swimsuits not only creates a slimming effect, but each costume also has control fabric which will pull in tummies. Just the ticket to make you feel that little more confident in the tummy area when donning your swimwear. One of our favourites is the Iris Longer Length Swimsuit in Black and Lake. It’s such a flattering design which looks and feels good on the body. We are sure you’ll love your Iris swimsuit as much as we do.

Tummy control swimwear for women over 50


High Quality

Women of all ages agree that the best quality swimwear is something they look for when shopping for a new swimsuit online. High-quality swimsuits are a given at Halocline. Just read our reviews and you’ll see time and time again the comments about how good quality their new bathing suit is. It lasts the distance, stays bright and in good shape and feels amazing on the body for a long period. We all know you can buy cheap, fast-fashion swimwear which might save you a few pennies in the short term, but our swimsuits will give you the swimwear longevity that comes from buying from a quality manufacturer. So when you are swimsuit shopping, you do need to ask yourself if you are buying swimwear which you’ll be happy to wear again and again or will you wear it for one season, only to find it loses shape, the colour fades and it no longer fits. The bottom line is, you get what you pay for. Our swimwear is affordable and you are getting great value for money. You’ll also enjoy free delivery and free returns if you are shopping in the UK and spend over £40.