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Choosing the Best Swimsuit for Lap Swimming

Choosing the Best Swimsuit for Lap Swimming

Swimming is a fantastic exercise that offers lots of health benefits, and lap swimming is an excellent way to stay fit and enjoy the water. Whether you're a seasoned swimmer or just starting your aquatic journey, having the right swimwear is crucial for enhancing your performance in the pool and making your swimming sessions more enjoyable. There are a number of things to think about when choosing the best swimsuit for lap swimming, so we’ve put together some handy hints, plus some recommendations of our favourite swimsuits for lap swimming from our collection here at Halocline Swimwear. You'll find that we have excellent reviews and that the quality of our swimwear is extremely high. Just take a look at our feedback from our customers and you'll see why we have many swimmers who return time and time again to buy their practice suits from us.

Choosing the Best Swimsuit for Lap Swimming

Material Matters

The material of your swimsuit should play a significant role when shopping around for your lap swimming costume. Competitive swimmers and recreational swimmers should look for chlorine-resistant swimsuits or even ones labelled as chlorine-proof as these can be a great way to withstand harsh pool chemicals and will be more retain their shape and colour over time. These materials offer better durability and resistance to becoming saggy and misshapen.

The majority of our swimsuits here at Halocline are made from chlorine proof material. Here’s what our customers have said.

“I swim a mile 2 or 3 times a week so I appreciate a swimsuit that is actually designed for swimming. It is also more chlorine resistant than many on the market! I have now bought a second swimsuit from this Halocline range which I am equally pleased with.”
Gill K

“I love these swimsuits. They last a long time. As a frequent pool swimmer, the chlorine resistance is essential. Last one was used 4 times a week for over a year, and still in use. So worth the cost, as cheaper swimsuits usual last less than 2 months before losing elasticity.”

Cut and Style

The cut and style of your swimsuit can impact both your performance and comfort in the water. A one-piece swimsuit with a clip back, a racer back style, high neck design or wide shoulder straps will provide optimal support and plenty of freedom of movement. It will also help reduce drag, allowing you to glide through the water effortlessly. For male swimmers, briefs or jammers with a snug fit are popular choices, offering streamlined hydrodynamics.

For a clipback design take a look at our Stella collection. For a racerback swimsuit, we’d highly recommend our Cassie swimsuit. For those who prefer a high neck design, our sleek back swimsuits will be ideal and look really stylish as well. For those looking for a swimming costume with wider shoulder straps, why not take a look at our Iris or Nancy swimsuits? Take a look - you are sure to find something to suit your personal preferences and match your swim workout style.

Comfort and Fit

Comfort is paramount when it comes to lap swimming. Choose a swimsuit that fits you well and feels comfortable against your skin. Opt for quality designs with flat seams, and that are lined to help minimize chafing and irritation. For ladies, adjustable straps can help you customize the fit to your body type, ensuring optimal comfort and security during your swim. For those who are taller than average, or who have a longer body, we have an excellent range of longer length swimsuits which are designed for these types of bodies. If you require a bit more bust support, take a look at our Nancy range as these are designed with big busts in mind. For those who are a bit curvier, we also have a plus size range which goes up to a UK size 28. The fit of your swimsuit is so important for helping you to swim your best in the water and we have many different styles so you can find your perfect fit.

Durability and Longevity

Lap swimming requires regular and repetitive movements, exposing your swimsuit to additional strain. Look for durable swimsuits with reinforced stitching which are made from good quality fabrics. This added durability will ensure your swimsuit stands up to the rigours of lap swimming and lasts longer, saving you money in the long run. Buying cheap swimwear won’t save you money in the long term. You are better to buy a great-value-for-money swimsuit that will keep its shape and you’ll be able to wear for many swims to come. 

Style and Design

While functionality and performance are crucial, there's no reason why your swimsuit can't look stylish too! Our collection offers a wide range of designs, colours, and patterns to suit all tastes. Have a look through our range and pick a swimsuit that makes you feel confident and motivated to hit the pool. Express your personal style while enjoying the benefits of lap swimming.

Now, let's move on to our top five swimsuits for lap swimming

Cassie Longer Length Racer Back Swimsuit

Swimsuit for Lap Swimming

“I have had Halocline swimsuits before and they are by far the best ones on the market for me. The quality of the material and the fit are second to none. I swim nearly every day and this costume is perfect.”
Elizabeth Appleton

The Cassie Longer Length Racer Back Swimsuit is ideal for lap swimmers as it features a shelf bra is lined on the front and sporty racer-style back for extra support. This swimsuit is one of our longer-length swimsuits with an extra 2 inches on the body loop than a standard swimming costume. This swimsuit is perfect for regular pool swimmers as it’s made from chlorine-resistant material. 

Our Cassie racerback design swimsuit is available in UK sizes 8 to 24.

Sleek Longer Length Zip Back Swimsuit

 Swimsuit for Lap Swimming

“I found this costume by chance as I was looking for a high neck costume. There wasn’t many reviews but I took a chance anyway and I’m so glad I did. This costume is brilliant quality, a great fit and extremely comfortable. I would recommend this brand to anyone looking for a new costume and I will certainly purchase from here again.”

The high neckline design on this ladies’ Sleek Longer Length Zip Back Swimsuit gives great freedom of movement around the shoulder which is ideal for those who swim regularly or take part in classes like water aerobics. This swimsuit is also part of our longer length range, so is a great fit for those who are taller or longer in the body.

This swimsuit, like many of our lap swimming swimsuits,  is made from recycled Econyl® textile yarn which has been produced from waste plastics that may have been otherwise discarded in the oceans and waterways. So not only will you feel great about buying this swimsuit, you’ll look stylish with this lovely high neck design. This suit is perfect for serious lap swimmers who want to look fantastic in the pool. We've also had great comments from those who swim in open water and wear this style, so if you do either or both, this is a solid choice.

Stella Longer Length Clipback Swimsuit

 Swimsuit for Lap Swimming

“I have been looking for a longer length swimwear to use for lane swimming for a long time and this costume is the best fit I’ve ever had, I am going to order another in pink.”

The Stella Longer Length Clipback Swimsuit offers the wearer a supportive fit with all-over control fabric, wide straps and a fantastic clip back. Made with chlorine-resistant fabric, this fantastic swimming costume will last twice as long as a swimsuit made with standard swimwear fabric, so it’s a great option for those who are chasing a PB when lapping in the pool.

Available in UK sizes 8   - 24, this is perfect for everyone to wear, no matter your size or shape. The thick straps make it supportive, but it still looks great on and will give a long-lasting comfortable fit for many swimming sessions to come.

Sport Mid Length Clipback Legsuit

 Pool Swimsuit

“I love this swimsuit, it’s my second one of this design and I have worn my previous one for swimming every day for years and it has been so reliable and comfortable. I love the fact that this swimsuit is available in my large size ! Snazzy colours and I wouldn’t want any other costume than this with its boyleg design. Great job, I need to buy some extra ones ! Would recommend.”
Jane Hancock

If you want extra coverage from your sport swimsuit, then our Women's Sport Mid Length Clipback Legsuit is just the ticket. It has mid-length in-built legs which offer the wearer a comfortable, practical and stylish way to achieve full bottom coverage without affecting their performance. Being chlorine-resistant, this swimsuit can be used again and again in a chlorinated pool and will last twice as long as a standard swimsuit. 

Regular swimmers will also love the fast-drying fabric and the ease and support of the clip back design. The colour palette on this legsuit is fresh and fun. Lap swimming costumes need not be boring when you shop at Halocline. 

This lap swimming swimsuit is available for those who wear UK size 8 – 28 and is a best seller on our site.

Cassandra Longer Length Racer Back Legsuit

 Swimsuit for Lap Swimming

There are so many lovely features to our brand new swimsuit, our Cassandra Longer Length Racer Back Legsuit, which make it the right suit for lap swimmers. This design is comfortable and supportive for pool swimmers as it features a built-in shelf bra, has an inner lining on the front and has a sporty racer-style back. It’s made from our soft-touch material which feels wonderful on and helps to prevent any uncomfortable movement or chafing when swimming.

The built-in knee-length legs offer the wearer full coverage and because this is one of our longer length designs, it’s ideal for those who are taller than average or who have a longer body. This style is fully chlorine resistant, so will last twice as long when wearing this regularly in a chlorinated pool.

This is another of our women's swimsuits which is made from our Econyl® textile yarn. By buying a swimsuit which has been made from waste plastics, you’ll be supporting the work that is being done to protect our oceans and waterways.

Choosing the right swimsuit for lap swimming is essential for comfort, performance, and durability. Consider factors such as your body shape, material, cut and style, comfort and fit, durability, and personal style when making your selection. Our recommended swimsuits offer a combination of quality, functionality, and style, making them excellent choices for lap swimming enthusiasts. Our best advice is to invest in a swimsuit that meets your needs and dive into an incredible lap swimming experience.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have about your swimwear, so you can reach out to us anytime with any queries you may have. Also, if you have any photos or experiences featuring your Halocline swimwear, you can head over to our social media to share these with us. We love to hear from our customers - whether you are smashing a PB in the pool, taking a cool dip during a wild swim or even just unwinding with a leisurely swim after a long day at work, we love to hear about your swim stories.